What is TuneThunder?

TuneThunder is the next step in the music industry. It is the free website to sell beats, instrumentals, music, features, equipment, merchandise, and all other music related items.

Not only can you manage your own store, TuneThunder is also a social media for musicians. You can join a genre or group, collaborate with like-minded artists and producers, and you can share and promote your music. Artists will also have the opportunity to be selected for a “Featured Artist” spot on the homepage.

There is no other website that offers so many abilities for free. Unlike many websites, we don’t charge for memberships to create a store and we don’t charge to create an account. TuneThunder is free to sign up.

Take the next step for your music career, or even if you’re just a music enthusiast, create an account on TuneThunder.